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9 Awesome Beach Destinations For Solo Travelers

Love the idea of taking a beach trip all by yourself? Check out these 9 awesome beach destinations for solo travelers who could use some personal time in Florida, Mexico or the Caribbean. Read More

10 Cute Coastal Hotels For A Beach Vacation

Choosing the perfect hotel is just as important as choosing the right beach vacation destination. Read More

VIDEO: A Day in South Beach

Ocean Drive. Art Deco hotels. Glitzy nightclubs and fine dining. That endless stretch of white-sand beach and ever-warm waters. It’s hardly puzzling why 14 million visitors made their way to the Miami area in 2014. And if there’s any spot that draws them the most, it’s South Beach. Read More

6 Great Beach Getaways For Spring Break

Relax and reenergize with these vacations in Florida and the Caribbean. Read More

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