How to Find Cheap All-Inclusive Punta Cana Getaways

Experience sun, sand and big savings on your Punta Cana vacation

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Posted on: February 22, 2017

Whether you’re coming to Punta Cana for the first time or the 50th, you’ll be enchanted by its white sand, its azure water and its friendly locals. It’s one of the Caribbean’s best known and most loved beach towns — and thankfully, it’s one of the most affordable. To get the most for your money, follow our tips for finding the cheapest all-inclusive Punta Cana getaways.

Consider May through November dates

Avoid crowded beaches, noisy pools and busy restaurants by heading to the Dominican Republic in the summer or fall, the country’s low season, when prices have hit rock bottom. Not only is this the time to find the best deals, but it’s also perfect for travelers who like a little more space to themselves.

Broaden your search

Bávaro Beach might be the best known beach in Punta Cana, but there are many beautiful beaches hugging the country’s eastern coast. Don’t discount the beach areas south of the airport near the town of Juanillo, as well as Punta Cana’s beach stretches north of Playa Macao. Each of these areas has a range of property styles, so chances are you’ll be more likely to pinpoint a few all-inclusive packages within your budget.

Be flexible about travel dates

Leaving on the weekend might be more convenient, but if you can swing it, leaving and returning during the week will help keep down flight and accommodations costs, bringing down the total price for your Punta Cana vacation. If you don’t mind flying out on a Monday and returning Thursday or Friday, you’ll have a greater range of cheap vacation packages to choose from.

Let go of 4-star expectations

More luxury means higher costs, so to really keep within budget, aim to stay at a mid-range all-inclusive resort. We recommend the Be Live Collection resort, an all-inclusive hotel with beach access, multiple lagoon-style pools and plenty of dining options, including a sushi lounge and a casual hamburger joint. And remember: the beachfront in Punta Cana affords million dollar views no matter where you rest your head at night.

Shop deals with

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