Seven Mile Beach



Seven Miles…More or Less

Let us share a little secret: Jamaica’s Seven Mile Beach, situated on the island’s western coastline, is really only a little more than 4 miles long.

That little discrepancy doesn’t spoil it, however, for the many who venture here in search of light sands, immaculate waters and Jamaica’s signature laid-back vibe.

Get Out and Explore

While the beach is home to some all-inclusive resorts, there are also family-run lodgings available, and plenty of reasons to venture outside of a resort complex.

On Seven Mile, you can mingle with locals and dance to some music, or grab a beer or a snack from a vendor passing through.

The beach’s length makes it great for a long, peaceful walk, and water sports operators make it easy to rent a kayak or sailboat.

Former Hippie Haven

Though this place was once a hippie haven that played host to all manner of eccentric people, Seven Mile is now regarded as a family-friendly vacation spot that still happily retains some of its former flavor.

Sunday is the prime day for families, both local and tourist. However, be aware that there is some nude sunbathing going on and, after dark, local bars and clubs kick up the party atmosphere a few notches.

Seven Mile Beach at a Glance


Country or State:Jamaica

Length of Beach:4 miles

Access:By car, taxi, or on foot

Best time to visit:October to December

High Season:January to March

Low Season:April to December


  • Restaurants, bars and clubs
  • Water sports equipment rental

Beach Type:

  • Golden Sand
  • Saltwater
  • Popular