Maracas Bay

Trinidad and Tobago




Trinidad’s Treasure

About an hour from the urban bustle of Port of Spain, Trinidad’s capital city, lies stunning Maracas Bay, a famous stretch of sand known for its colorful Caribbean character. Here, luscious white sand and the forested curve of mountains make for jaw-dropping scenery, and the warm water and island breezes provide a host of other sensations.

Explore the Land and Culture

The beachfront fringes Maracas Bay on the island’s north side, and the water here is ideal for high-energy aquatic activities like surfing and swimming. For the best diving and snorkeling, book an excursion to the small chain of islands near the western coast of Trinidad. These are major hotspots for underwater exploration, as well as birdwatching and hiking.

Trying local cuisine is always an adventure, but Maracas Beach takes it up a notch with its famous Bake and Shark dish, a shark-meat sandwich on fried bread served at several beachfront eateries. Order a crisp, cold Carib Lager to complement your meal.


If you come to this paradise by car, be prepared for a bumpy ride through twisting mountain roads. Also, Maracas Beach draws both locals and tourists, and can get crowded at times. Come early to claim your spot.

Maracas Bay at a Glance

City:Maracas Bay Village

Country or State:Trinidad and Tobago

Length of Beach:.5 miles

Access:By car

Best time to visit:Winter and early spring

High Season:January to April

Low Season:May to December


  • A few restaurants near the beachfront

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Popular