Hidden Beach (Playa Escondida)



Stuff of Legends

For a long time, Hidden Beach (or Playa Escondida) was just a legend carried all over the world through the whispers of intrepid travelers. Even now, though many people have made the trek to this unbelievable beach, photos of it will make you question its authenticity.

Could there really be a beach under a gigantic gaping hole in one of the Marieta Islands off the coast of Mexico? Yes, it’s real, and visiting here is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness its phenomenal beauty firsthand.

Explosive Beginnings

Though the uninhabited Marieta Islands are thought to have been created centuries ago, legend has it that the hollow that makes Hidden Beach famous is only about 100 years old, and was created when the Mexican government conducted bomb tests here, causing an explosion that marked the birth of Hidden Beach.

Finding Your Way There

Getting here takes some effort. First, you’ll need to book a trip out to the islands through an authorized boat service provider.

Then, you’ll need to swim or scuba dive through an 80-foot tunnel to get to the shore of the tiny, white-sand-beach haven that awaits. But ask anyone who has done it: The trek to this magical place is well worth it.

While you’re there, arrange to have your tour operator take you to see some of the other natural wonders of the Marieta Islands, which boast rich marine life and views of unspoiled nature.

Hidden Beach (Playa Escondida) at a Glance

City:Marietas Islands, Puerto Vallarta

Country or State:Mexico

Length of Beach:200 feet

Access:By chartered boat

Best time to visit:April to June - great weather

High Season:December to March

Low Season:April to November


  • No lifeguards
  • No public restrooms

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Secluded