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These Freshwater Beaches Will Make You Forget All About the Ocean

Many lakefront destinations in the U.S. offer everything you need in a beach trip (minus the salt).

Super Cheap Vacations for Two Travelers: Best Budget Options by Region

Though it may seem too good to be true, vacations under $500 for two travelers do exist — if you head to nearby shores and keep travel and accommodations costs low.

The Best Hotels in Chicago Near Beaches: Our Top 6 Picks

With its miles-long lakefront, Chicago is also a bona fide beach destination, boasting tan sands and dramatic Lake Michigan vistas.

Can't Take an International Beach Vacation? Here's Where to Go in the U.S. Instead

Here we reveal our top picks for domestic alternatives to international beach destinations, whose amenities and attributes are comparable to their overseas counterparts.

VIDEO: A Day at Chicago's Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach, an oval of golden sand snuggled between vast Lake Michigan and hectic Lake Shore Drive, is the closest beach to the best shopping, dining and outdoor recreation the Windy City has to offer. But this little piece of beach heaven, which sits south of Division Street and north of Oak Street, didn't always exist – it emerged in the late 1800s as a build-up of sand after a shipping pier was built nearby. And what a lucky coincidence for city-dwellers: By the 1920s, it was already a top spot to cool off and enjoy the summer sun. Midwest Beach Appeal Oak Street Beach has a lot going...

6 Underrated Urban Beaches in the United States

Looking for an awesome place to soak up some rays in these dwindling days of summer? Don't overlook the little beach gems found in American cities, and not just in California or Florida. Believe it or not, there are fun, sandy spots to spend a day in cities like Cleveland, Minneapolis and Detroit. Here are six of our favorite under-the-radar urban beaches in the United States, where you can blend beach fun with the thrilling big city experience. Hidden Beach (Cedar Lake's East Cedar Beach), Minneapolis  Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board The aptly named Hidden Beach, tucked in a wooded area...