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French Riviera

Would You Spend $40,000 per Night on These Beach Suites?

Elite Traveler's annual "Top 100 Suites in the World" list features some of the most extravagant beach suites in the French Riviera, Italy and Fiji.

Carnival Celebrations To Spice Up Your Beach Vacation

Every February, Carnival (or "Carnaval") festivities commence in cities across the world, with some of the most well-known celebrations held near famous beach escapes. If you're planning your beach getaway for this month, consider choosing a destination where you can join in on one of these action-packed cultural events, each with its own distinct flavor and charm. Grab a drink, loosen those shoulders and get ready to dance! Carnival in Brazil Carnival celebrations take place in cities and towns throughout Brazil in February (attracting more than 3 million people), but Rio de Janeiro is ...