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24 Hours in Marseille, France

Marseille is a diverse city that's hard — but not impossible — to digest in just a day's time. If you don't mind an itinerary packed to the brim, you can cover a lot of ground in 24 hours.

VIDEO: L'Estaque, France: Close to Marseille, Yet Worlds Away

The picturesque fishing village of L'Estaque is just a short bus or boat ride from Marseille's metropolitan sprawl, but it offers an entirely different experience from its colossal neighbor. With its calmer port area and serene streets, the town makes it easier than you'd think to forget about French big city life for a few hours.  Photo: Theresa Boehl L'Estaque is, in fact, technically part of Marseille's northernmost 16th arrondissement, but this little corner of the city might have been glossed over by most travelers had it not been for Paul Cézanne's famed interpretations of the area's lan...

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