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Best Beaches in Aguadilla

1. Playa Rincón

Secluded Sweet Spot

A Caribbean beach spot that's as secluded as it is stunning, Playa Rincón is one of the Dominican Republic's best-kept secrets.

Situated on the Samaná Peninsula on the northeastern side of the country, this coastal area has remained unspoiled and scenic while many of the DR's other major beach regions have been swallowed up by development.

For that feeling of being deserted on a peaceful island, you couldn't choose a better place. Playa Rincón's thick patch of coconut palms, its clean, white sand and its deep blue water are enchanting, whether you've been here once or a thousand times.

Getting Here

There's a reason Playa Rincón is still undiscovered by the masses: It's not exactly a breeze to get here. To reach the beach, you only have a few options.

Book an excursion with a vehicle that can handle the extremely bumpy road, rent a Jeep or ATV, or take a boat over from the fishing village of Las Galeras. Most people choose to do the latter.

What to Do

At a secluded beach, you can't expect a large number of amenities outside of what nature has provided. There are no major hotel chains here, no souvenir shops and limited options for food. However, you can rent a beach chair here, and even order some freshly cooked seafood lovingly prepared by locals.

A sheltered area of the water is a great place to snorkel, and if you get hot, you can wade into the chilly waters supplied by the freshwater stream that flows through here.

If you're at Playa Rincón for just one day, focus on spending some quality time soaking in the unforgettable scenery and snapping some photos. Who knows when you'll come across something like this again.

Playa Rincón at a glance

City: Samaná

Country or State: Dominican Republic

Length of Beach: 1.2 miles

Access: By car, ATV, bus or boat

Best time to visit: May to June - best rates, great weather

High Season: December to April

Low Season: May to November


  • A few casual restaurants
  • Beach chair rentals
  • No lifeguards
  • No public restrooms

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater (some freshwater)
  • Secluded

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