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$432+ Nov 14 – Nov 24 LGA – SKB View Deal
$436+ Nov 5 – Nov 7 LGA – SKB View Deal
$436+ Nov 25 – Nov 28 LGA – SKB View Deal
$611+ Nov 12 – Nov 18 JFK – SKB View Deal
$656+ Oct 27 – Nov 3 LGA – SKB View Deal
$698+ Nov 25 – Nov 29 JFK – SKB View Deal
$825+ Nov 20 – Nov 27 JFK – SKB View Deal
$831+ Oct 20 – Oct 27 EWR – SKB View Deal
$838+ Nov 19 – Nov 24 JFK – SKB View Deal
$853+ Nov 2 – Nov 15 EWR – SKB View Deal

Basseterre Beach Hotel

Bird Rock Beach Hotel
$42+ per night High-speed Internet Restaurant Swimming pool Cable / Satellite TV Private beach Pool Outdoor View Deals

Best Beaches in Basseterre

1. Frigate Bay

Two for One

Not content to experience just one beach on your vacation? Head to Frigate Bay, a two-for-one beach destination on the small Caribbean island of St. Kitts. The bay is split into northern and southern beach sections, and though they each have their own distinct characteristics, this dynamic duo forms the most popular hotspot on the narrow southern stretch of the island.

Beach Comparison

Both sides are excellent for swimming, wading and water sports — even Frigate Bay North, which faces Atlantic waters. For those typically calm and clear Caribbean waters, you'll want to head to Frigate Bay South, where the snorkeling is top notch.

Both beaches have plenty in the way of hotels, shopping and nightlife, but Frigate Bay South is where the serious partygoers get their kicks. By contrast, Frigate Bay North attracts travelers looking for a more subdued scene.

The Sizzling Strip

No matter which side you're drawn to, when night falls, head to the Strip, a collection of upbeat bars, cafes and restaurants that turn the low-key island experience on its head. This is the place to get your dance and drink on, and famous joints like Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack, Vibes Beach Bar, Chin Chilla's and others lining the Strip offer great cuisine, live music, DJs and dancing late into the night. But these places aren't just tourist traps; you'll see plenty of locals enjoying a night cap, too.

Frigate Bay at a glance

City: Basseterre

Country or State: St. Kitts

Access: By car or taxi

Best time to visit: May through June - good weather, good rates

High Season: December to May

Low Season: June to November


  • Water sports equipment for rent
  • Restaurants and bars in South Frigate Bay

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Popular

Beach Type:

  • St. Kitts Carnival, St. Kitts Music Festival

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