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Best Beaches in Bonaire

1. No Name Beach

What's in a Name?

Bonaire's most fabulous beach stretch lies not on the country's mainland, but on a tiny, uninhabited island called Klein Bonaire, or "Little Bonaire." Getting there involves a 25-minute water taxi ride from the capital of Kralendijk, or, for those with an active streak, a trip by kayak. Whichever way you come, this eye-catching sanctuary is well worth the effort.

Don't plan on lounging on a chair sipping cold cocktails at No Name Beach — there are no restaurants or businesses here. Instead, do like savvy tourists and come prepared for some top-notch snorkeling in this mecca of marine biodiversity.

Under the Sea

Easy access to nearby coral reefs means more opportunities to see a huge variety of aquatic life, including parrotfish, yellowtail snappers, and even turtles – not to mention almost every species of hard and soft coral found in the Caribbean. Just remember to bring appropriate footwear to protect yourself against rocks and sharp coral. And of course, don't touch the coral — doing so can damage it.

Some snorkelers opt for the drift snorkel experience, made possible through strong currents that allow you to "drift" back to No Name Beach from a spot located a ways south. Simply walk to the break in the coral, or ask your tour operator to take you there.


The better prepared you are, the better your trip to this secluded oasis will be. Picnic areas and BBQ grills are ideal for those coming with grub in tow, and two shelters are available to shield visitors from the blaring sun (it's a good idea to wear sunscreen no matter what).

Want to see the rest of the island, part of the Bonaire National Marine Park? Hiking the rugged interior is possible, though it can take up to eight hours. Be sure to plan ahead with your tour operator if you're planning to embark on this adventure.

No Name Beach at a glance

City: Klein Bonaire

Country or State: Bonaire

Access: By water taxi, motor boat or kayak

Best time to visit: Fall - best rates, fewer tourists

High Season: Dec. to April

Low Season: May to November


  • No lifeguards
  • No restrooms

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Secluded

Weather in Bonaire °F°CAverage monthly temperatures

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