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Best Beaches in Fort De France

1. Les Salines Beach

Tres Chic Martinique

Martinique's white-sand paradise, Les Salines Beach, has a reputation for being tres chic, if somewhat undeveloped. Travelers flock here from all over the world, but since the island shares a language with France, beach-lovers from that country are especially abundant.

To get here, you'll have to head to the southern tip of the island, past the quaint village of St. Anne. When you enter the beach, you'll see a few restaurants and snack bars scattered about. But beyond these minimal commercial establishments, it's the just the sand, the blue sea and groups of tall palm trees standing over the waterfront.

To See and Do

Abundant waves make for an excellent afternoon of surfing, and a few nearby diving spots can be reached by booking an excursion. Savvy snorkelers know to head to the western portion of the beach, where the waves are calmer. Weekends are when throngs of sun-seekers dot the shoreline — come on a weekday to discover a much more subdued vibe.

The scenery is divine, but don't count on finding many amenities here, such as public restrooms or showers. Grab a quick lunch or some fruit from one of the snack bars or passing vendors, and then stroll along the soft sand and enjoy the view of another island, St. Lucia, in the distance.


Stay clear of poisonous manchineel trees, most of which are marked with red paint to warn visitors. Nudity is prohibited on the island, but many ignore the rule and get away with it. Rather than drive here, consider taking the ferry that runs between the island's beaches and Fort de France.

Les Salines Beach at a glance

City: Saint-Anne

Country or State: Martinique

Access: By car

Best time to visit: Spring

High Season: Dec. to April

Low Season: May - November


  • Restaurants, snack bars and vendors

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Popular

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