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Best Beaches in Kapalua

1. Kaanapali Beach

A Traveler's Favorite

If you only had the chance to visit one beach in Maui, you couldn't go wrong with Ka'anapali Beach. It's known as one of the island's best beaches, and with all the scenery it offers, along with tons of activities, it's no wonder.

Ka'anapali's roots as a resort town were formed in the 1960s, and the boom that followed has shaped the area into a long stretch of sand backed up by luxury high-rises and chain hotels. But this doesn't mean the beach has lost its flavor.

That the spirit and culture of Hawaii are alive and well here is evident in the nightly ritual that takes place at Black Rock, in which cliff divers jump into the water right at sunset, honoring a tradition started by King Kahekiki in the 1700s.


The water at this revered Maui beach is soothing and calm, so treat yourself to a snorkel session, or when the winds pick up, try some boogie-boarding, windsurfing, parasailing or any other water activity that fits the bill.

Then, dry off with a walk along the sidewalk path that snakes its way along the stretch in front of major resorts and luxury residences.

From here, you can take it all in: the sunny weather, the heavenly water and the overall happy feeling that Hawaiian beaches consistently deliver.

Retail Therapy

Shopping is another favorite pastime at Ka'anapali. Hit up Whaler's Village, full of shops and restaurants, to pick up a few souvenirs or to enjoy a casual lunch surrounded by palm trees.

Bonus: If you need parking, some of the shops in the Village will validate for free 3-hour parking—usually a purchase is required to take advantage of this.

Kaanapali Beach at a glance

City: Ka'anapali, Maui

Country or State: Hawaii

Length of Beach: 3 miles

Access: By car, by taxi

Best time to visit: Between September and November: better hotel rates

High Season: December to March

Low Season: April to November


  • Restaurants, bars and shopping
  • Chair and umbrella rentals
  • Lifeguards
  • Public restrooms

Beach Type:

  • Golden sand
  • Saltwater
  • Popular

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