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Playa del Carmen Beach Hotels

Reina Roja Hotel - Adults Only
$1+ per night Pet Friendly Non-Smoking Rooms Microwave View Deals
Mala Vecindad Playa Beer Hotel - Adults Only
$1+ per night Microwave View Deals
Hotel Castillo Del Mar-5ta Avenida
$2+ per night View Deals
La Leyenda Boutique Hotel by Bunik
$2+ per night View Deals
Silversands Hotel Boutique - 5th Ave
$2+ per night Private beach View Deals
Bed & Breakfast Casaejido
$2+ per night Restaurant View Deals
Hotel B&B by Playa del Karma
$2+ per night High-speed Internet Microwave View Deals
Unic Design Hotel - 5th Avenue
$2+ per night Restaurant View Deals
The Green Village Boutique Hotel
$2+ per night Non-Smoking Rooms Private beach View Deals
Hacienda Del Caribe Hotel
$2+ per night Restaurant Pet Friendly Kitchen View Deals
Hotelito del Mar By Xperience Hotels
$3+ per night View Deals
Studio 30 Condhotel 3
$3+ per night View Deals
Koox Studio 30 Condhotel
$3+ per night View Deals
Hotel Noraa Inn
$3+ per night High-speed Internet Pet Friendly View Deals
SC Hotel Playa del Carmen
$3+ per night View Deals
Hotel Punta Esmeralda
$3+ per night Pet Friendly View Deals

Best Beaches in Playa del Carmen

1. Main Beach

Main Attraction

Though it lacks for a better name, Playa del Carmen's two-mile-long Main Beach doesn't lack for much of anything else.

It's got those turquoise waters everyone's crazy for, the dreamy white sand and palm trees, and the active nightlife scene that's ever-fueled by the joyful energy of vacationers from all over the world.

A hip and cosmopolitan beach town, Playa del Carmen caters to laid-back explorers, curious backpackers and stylish expats alike.

Find What You Fancy

Walking along the popular stretch of Main Beach, you'll see vacationers from nearby hotels and condos reclining under the sun's rays. You might notice a large number of Canadians, Americans and South Americans here—Playa del Carmen has become hugely popular with these communities, and their presence contributes to the town's international feel.

Check in with a water sports vendor or a snorkeling tour operator if you want to hit the water, or head to the nearby ferry dock to take an excursion to Cozumel.

Dining and Nightlife

Once the sun sets, most visitors pack up and hit the lively restaurants and bars that line Fifth Avenue, which is Playa del Carmen's main business strip.

This is a fabulous place to people-watch, sip a beer, chat with fellow vacationers or, if you feel up to it, dance the night away.

In contrast to the beach's sleepy mornings and afternoons, evenings are energetic and festive. Take a shot, or just take it easy. Your choice!

Main Beach at a glance

City: Playa del Carmen

Country or State: Mexico

Length of Beach: .5 miles

Access: By car, by taxi

Best time to visit: Between Oct. and Dec.

High Season: January to March

Low Season: April to December


  • Restaurants, bars, shopping, nightlife
  • Chairs, umbrellas, water sports equipment
  • Lifeguards
  • No public restrooms

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Popular

Beach Type:

  • Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

2. Tulum Beach

Tripartite Tulum

Tulum offers travelers a lot more than just a beautiful beach. This area is divided into three distinct "Tulums": Tulum ruins, what remains of a Pre-Columbian Mayan walled city; Tulum Pueblo, a charming town that exists mostly to service travelers to the area; and Tulum Playa, the unforgettable stretch of beach with a unique, laid-back vibe, complete with majestic Mayan ruins as a backdrop.

White Sand, Rich History

Known for its eco-friendly establishments, Tulum Beach boasts white sand, affordable accommodations, and a few eateries and nightlife hotspots. Ride a bike, take a taxi or climb into a shared van and head to the ruins, which sit atop 40-foot cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

This Mayan city was most influential between the 13th and 15th centuries. Today, though some parts have crumbled, the site is still a powerful reminder of the area's rich culture.

Tulum Tips

Keep in mind that while Tulum's three parts are all definitely worth the visit, they're not walking distance from each other, so make plans for transportation.

If you're staying at an eco-friendly hotel or hostel on Tulum beach, be warned that electricity is rarely offered after midnight and water should be used sparingly. And bring your own food to the beach if you want to avoid the high-priced dining options there.

Tulum Beach at a glance

City: Tulum

Country or State: Mexico

Access: By bus or rental car

Best time to visit: October to December

High Season: January to March

Low Season: April to December


  • Restaurants, bars, shops, tour companies (In Tulum Pueblo and on Tulum Beach Road)
  • Bike rental, beach gear, lockers and chairs
  • No lifeguards
  • Camping

Beach Type:

  • White Sand
  • Saltwater
  • Popular

Beach Type:

  • Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

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