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Flight Deals to The Valley

$417+ Mar 10 – Mar 13 EWR – AXA View Deal
$506+ Mar 20 – Mar 24 EWR – AXA View Deal
$520+ Mar 16 – Mar 18 JFK – AXA View Deal
$573+ Mar 5 – Mar 12 JFK – AXA View Deal
$616+ Mar 13 – Mar 20 LGA – AXA View Deal
$666+ Mar 21 – Mar 26 LGA – AXA View Deal
$669+ Mar 7 – Mar 14 LGA – AXA View Deal
$687+ Mar 17 – Mar 25 EWR – AXA View Deal
$738+ Mar 14 – Mar 17 LGA – AXA View Deal
$743+ Mar 13 – Mar 17 LGA – AXA View Deal
$746+ Mar 13 – Mar 16 EWR – AXA View Deal
$754+ Mar 26 – Mar 31 LGA – AXA View Deal

The Valley Beach Hotels

Easy Corner Villas
$104+ per night Restaurant Pet Friendly Kitchen View Deals
Serenity Cottages
$115+ per night Restaurant View Deals
The Manoah Boutique Hotel
$1104+ per night Restaurant Microwave View Deals

Best Beaches in The Valley

1. Meads Bay

High-Class Beach

Meads Bay is the ultimate Anguilla beach experience, and its purity, simplicity and reputation as a world-class beach brings travelers from all over the world.

The sandy stretch is adorned with coral formations, rocks and lush plant life, making it easy on the eyes and a superb place to enjoy a little swimming or snorkeling.

Soft Sand, Stunning Sunrise

With cerulean waters and soft, white sand, Meads Bay is the perfect spot to witness a dreamy sunrise. The earlier you go, the more likely you'll be to have the beach to yourself.

As the day continues and more travelers converge, venture to the more secluded east end of the beach to enjoy a little personal space. Explore nearby caves or simply set up your rental chair and relax under the sun.


If you're a bargain traveler, look elsewhere—Meads Bay is not an inexpensive place. Perhaps that's how it keeps such a low profile.

In any case, you can avoid expensive flights by flying instead to St. Martin and taking a 20-minute ferry ride to Anguilla.

Plan to visit the island between May and August if you'd like to score a great hotel rate. And if you want to eat at one of the beach's excellent restaurants, be ready to drop a pretty penny on it.

But at least there will be no communication worries: English is the official language on the island.

Meads Bay at a glance

City: Long Bay Village

Country or State: Anguilla

Length of Beach: 1.5 miles

Access: By car, by taxi

Best time to visit: May to August - best hotel rates

High Season: December to April

Low Season: May to November


  • Restaurants along the beach
  • Chair and umbrella rental
  • No lifeguards
  • No public restrooms

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Secluded

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