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Fall in Love with These Adorable Houses for Rent in Florida

There are a range of delightful, unique houses for rent in Florida's top destinations, all of which give you the chance to feel completely at home and experience your surroundings like a local. Read More

5 Seriously Underappreciated Beaches in Florida

For something different, skip the hot spots and seek out the Sunshine State’s lesser-known beach destinations — places that have remained under the radar for far too long. Read More

5 Affordable Vacation Spots in Florida

We highlight five of our favorite inexpensive vacation spots in Florida, where you can spend less and still experience the best of the Sunshine State. Read More

6 Hidden Attractions in Hollywood Beach, Florida

Check out these unique things to do in one of Florida's most lovable towns. Read More

Hollywood Beach: Classic Florida Feel on the Cheap

With Fort Lauderdale to the north and Miami to the south, the enchanting town of Hollywood Beach, Florida, often gets overlooked for those flashier, big-ticket beach destinations. Read More

6 Great Beach Getaways For Spring Break

Relax and reenergize with these vacations in Florida and the Caribbean. Read More

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