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Restore, Renew, Refresh: The Best Beaches for a Sabbatical

Sometimes you have to hit the pause button. Maybe you lost your job, are recently divorced, or just need to goof off for a bit until you decide what your next move will be. There’s nothing like the solace of the sun and surf to soothe your weary soul. A beach retreat can energize and bring back the equilibrium. Read More

10 Exotic Island Hotels For Under $100/Night

Save big at these jaw-dropping properties in dreamy island locales all over the world. Read More

New Year’s Eve Near the Beach: Miami, Brazil and Colombia

New Year’s Eve. It’s one of very few nights when all-night revelry and indulgence are not only accepted, but expected. Read More

10 Florida Tours That Will Float Your Boat

The first visitors in Florida arrived by boat—Juan Ponce de León and his crew 500 years ago—and it’s still the best way to see the Sunshine State. Read More

Caribbean Journal Publishes “50 Best Caribbean Beaches” List

How many amazing Caribbean beaches can you name? How many have you actually visited? Read More

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