How to Find Cheap Puerto Rico Flight and Hotel Packages

Follow our tips to snag an affordable vacation to the unique tropical island that is Puerto Rico

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Posted on: February 12, 2017

Fascinating forts, the call of the coquí, salsa music filling the streets — there’s no island quite like Puerto Rico. Tourists are lured to this Caribbean destination for more than just the beaches, which by the way, are enviable by any standard. And budget travelers will rejoice when they see just how many options they have for cheap Puerto Rico vacation packages.

Here are some vacation hacks for finding the perfect trip at the right price point.

Stray from San Juan

San Juan is a top tourist spot in Puerto Rico, and for good reason — it’s home to trendy Condado Beach, excellent dining and nightlife, and 500 years of colonial history preserved in Old San Juan. But it’s not the only area worth seeing.

To weigh all your options, check out packages to surfer’s delight Rincón, or to resort areas near Fajardo, jumping off point for excursions to Playa Flamenco and Bioluminescent Bay. And your options open up significantly if you’ll consider staying near gorgeous Isla Verde Beach in the town of Carolina, just east of San Juan near the airport.

Keep it short and sweet

Many major U.S. cities offer easy routes to Puerto Rico, which as a bonus does not require a U.S. passport for entry. Plan to pop in and out of the island — three or four days should be enough to get your beach and salsa dancing fix. And the shorter you can make your trip, the more likely you’ll be to get a good selection of cheap vacation packages.

Skip all-inclusive options

In truth, Puerto Rico is not bursting with all-inclusive resort options, though there are a few choices. You’ll save big bucks if you purchase food and drinks separately, and search for packages that just combine your airfare and hotel stay. This will broaden your options for property types, too — imagine spending your vacation at a boutique high-rise, a family guesthouse or a secluded beachfront inn.

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