Andicuri Beach




Clear Water, White Sand

Situated on the northeast coast of the “happy island” of Aruba, Andicuri Beach is a secluded locale renowned for its clear water, white sand, and limestone rock formations.

It can be a bit of a trek to get here, but hop in a car or rent a 4×4 and make your way to this hidden island treasure perfect for a relaxing afternoon or a picnic with friends.

A Day at Andicuri

Catch a glimpse of what’s left of the famous Natural Bridge, which collapsed more than a decade ago, or simply watch the waves crash over the rocks.

While it’s ideal for kitesurfing and bodyboarding, Andicuri’s waves are a bit too tumultuous for swimmers and snorkelers.

There are no facilities at the beach, so come prepared with everything you’ll need for the day.

What to Do Nearby

Nearby attractions are the Aruba Numismatic Museum, which features a collection of coins and paper money from all over the world, and Bushiribana, ruins of two former gold smelters built in 1825.

Visitors can also check out the impressive Ayo Rock Formations and the walking trails around them. From this vantage, you can see the entire island, and maybe even the coast of Venezuela.

Andicuri Beach at a Glance

City:Arikok National Park

Country or State:Aruba

Length of Beach:76 yards

Access:By car

Best time to visit:Year-round

High Season:Mid-December until mid-April

Low Season:Mid-April until mid-December

Beach Hours:N/A


  • No Lifeguards
  • No Bathrooms
  • No Rentals
  • Nearby bars and restaurants

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Secluded