Playa Cosón

Dominican Republic

  •  Photo: Theresa Boehl

  •  Photo: Theresa Boehl

  •  Photo: Theresa Boehl


Most visitors to the quaint international seaside village of Las Terrenas stick to the beaches in town, which, incidentally, are splendid. But it would be a shame to come to DR’s alluring Samaná Peninsula and miss the most unspoiled beach of them all: Playa Cosón.

This part of the coast isn’t as easy to access and isn’t near the central part of town, making for an exclusive, tranquil stretch.

Serenity in the Samaná Peninsula

Featuring a wide expanse of golden sand, lush palm tree forests and sweeping ocean vistas, Playa Cosón lies between a river to the west and a cluster of hotels and villas to the east near Punta Bonita.

Since it’s secluded, visitors won’t have access to as many amenities as they would at tourist-packed beaches. But a few beachfront eateries have your basic needs taken care of. Chief among them is Restaurante Luis, a rustic outdoor café overlooking the coast that offers seafood and Dominican fare, plus use of loungers. A five-minute walk down the coast will get you to The Beach, an upscale restaurant tucked amid coconut palms.

Getting There

The winding, unkempt road to Playa Cosón is best navigated by local experts. Daring travelers can enlist the help of a motoconcho, or motorcycle taxi, the cheapest mode of transport (but the least safe, as drivers don’t wear or offer helmets).

Otherwise, hire a taxi from the town center to take you, and prepare for a bumpy ride. Be sure to negotiate a rate ahead of time and agree on a time to meet for the ride back to town.

Playa Cosón at a Glance

City:Las Terrenas

Country or State:Dominican Republic

Length of Beach:1 mile

Access:By car or mototaxi

Best time to visit:Fall - best rates, no crowds

High Season:Dec. to April

Low Season:May to November


  • Several beachfront restaurants
  • Many additional dining options in Las Terrenas

Beach Type:

  • Golden sand
  • Saltwater
  • Secluded