How to Find Cheap All-Inclusive Vacations from Toronto

Our recommendations for budget beach escapes from Canada

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We love Toronto — the CN Tower, High Park, Chinatown — but we totally understand why Canadians need to escape to tropical locales from time to time. And if you don't have much money budgeted to do so, that can put you in somewhat of a pinch. Never fear, dear Canadian friends: we've rounded up a few of our best tips for finding cheap all-inclusive vacations from Toronto.

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cheap beach vacation deals from toronto The beachfront area of Melia Las Dunas all-inclusive resort in Cayo Santa Maria. Photo: Theresa Boehl

Save your trip for off-season

The winter months are by far the most popular time to head to Mexico and the Caribbean, where most all-inclusive resorts are located. Hotels and airlines take advantage of this by jacking up the prices — it's not unusual to see nightly hotel rates reach as much as $500. Yikes.

Consider booking your all-inclusive vacation during the summer and fall months, when crowds have cleared out and rates and airfare have dropped significantly. You'll see a steep decline in rates for vacation packages during these times.

Head to Cuba

U.S. citizens only wish they had the freedom to take beach vacations in Cuba. Canadians, on the other hand, can freely enjoy the island nation's rich history and culture, not to mention its gorgeous coastal stretches. Because hotel rates are much cheaper here than in surrounding islands, Cuba vacations tend to be some of the most affordable you can find. 

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Plan for a shorter duration

Every extra night you spend in an all-inclusive resort means more money added to the bottom line. Shave a few days off your trip to save some cash. We've rounded up many four-night and even three-night all-inclusive vacations from Toronto to Mexico or the Caribbean.

Worried you'll spend too much of your short vacation in transit? Look for packages with nonstop flights from your city. You'll spend four hours in the air, and then the rest of your vacation at the beach or sipping piña coladas by the pool.

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