How to Find Great Hawaii Vacation Packages on a Budget

Let us show you how to land the perfect Hawaii package for less

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Hawaii is known for its perfect weather, its verdant vistas and its rich culture and history — but it's not necessarily known as a budget destination. Still, it's not impossible to find affordable vacations here, if you know how to tweak your plans to shave off some expenses. Here are our tips for finding a great Hawaii vacation package on a budget.

Head to Honolulu

Oahu's largest city also happens to be one of the most popular beach spots in Hawaii. Flying there and staying in Honolulu means you won't have to catch a connecting flight to one of the nearby islands in the Pacific archipelago, which should result in lower total package prices. Plus, as a major tourist spot, Honolulu is home to dozens of hotels competing for your business, in a range of price points and property styles. And with most attractions nearby, you won't need to rent a car — another moneysaver.

Keep it short

A week in Hawaii sounds lovely, but if you can keep it to just four or five short-and-sweet days, your options for affordable vacation packages will open up dramatically. Anything less than four days and you might find yourself exhausted by the long flights there and back.

Consider a spot away from the beach

Hotels with beachfront access typically charge more, and rightfully so, as they occupy prime real estate. But if you don't mind a brisk walk, a bus ride or even a short drive to the nearest beach, you'll certainly save some bucks. When browsing vacation packages, look for properties just off of the main tourist districts to help drive down total package costs.

Browse Hawaii packages from

We're always on the hunt for affordable Hawaii vacation packages with airfare, so if you're looking for a good deal, chances are we have something in our lineup that will suit your tastes. Find out the best time to travel by signing up for fare-alerts to get the latest flight deals sent right to your inbox.

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