Are There Mexico Cruises Under $200?

We show you where to find the cheapest cruises to beautiful Mexico

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If you've browsed cruise deals recently, you know that ports of call, length and prices of cruises vary greatly. So what if you have limited (like extremely limited) funds, but still have your eye on a Mexico escape? Are there Mexico cruises under $200?

Truth is, it's not impossible to find cruises in this price range, if you search at the right time and have an idea which routes tend to be the most affordable. But be sure to temper your expectations — a cruise in this price range probably won't last long or venture too far. Also, remember that prices displayed are just the base fare (additional charges apply) and are based on two travelers staying in an inside cabin.

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Cheap Mexico Cruises $200

Best routes for cheap Mexico cruises

If you can swing a West Coast departure, there are a few routes that occasionally come in under the $200 mark. Try a 2-night cruise from Long Beach to the Pacific Mexican town of Ensenada. Or sail from Los Angeles for three nights to the same town. Both routes are offered from Carnival, the leader in budget cruises. Look for dates in fall or winter for the lowest rates.

Mexico's island in the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel, is another stop in the well-worn path between the U.S and Mexico. Budget cruises make their way here all the time — in fact, Carnival offers several 4-night cruises from Miami, some of which only cruise to Cozumel and others which also add a stop in Key West. And keep in mind — the further out the sail date, the lower prices will be. If you can commit to a cruise that's more than six months away, you'll have no trouble finding several Mexico cruises under $200.

Cruises to Mexico under $300

Other cruise options

If you can increase your budget by $50 or so, even more cruise options open up. Carnival offers a 4-night cruise to Cozumel from Tampa, on the Gulf side of Florida, but it usually comes in a bit above $200. Be sure to look at Cozumel cruises from Fort Lauderdale, too, with starting fares that tend to fall between $250 and $300.

You'll find that the more you can add to your budget, the more options you'll find for Mexico cruises. But for those super-rare Mexico cruises under $200, you'll be restricted to a few routes and you'll be limited for travel dates.

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