How to Find Affordable All-Inclusive Jamaica Vacation Packages

Vacation in one-of-a-kind Jamaica without paying an arm and a leg

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Posted on: March 12, 2017

It’s the land of reggae, jerk chicken and gorgeous coastal stretches — Jamaica is one of a kind, and beach lovers flock here year after year. Thinking you’d like to join them? We can help you do it for less. Check out our tips for finding all-inclusive Jamaica vacation packages you can afford.

Consider small towns

Hotels rates at all-inclusives are notoriously high in some parts of the island, but you’ll save money if you look to stay in smaller, more laid-back places like Runaway Bay or Negril. Don’t completely give up on finding great, affordable all-inclusive packages in popular places such as bustling Montego Bay, but be sure to open yourself up to all the island’s regions to find the best variety.

Wait for summer or fall

You might get the itch to head to Jamaica around the holidays or in spring, when winter gray skies have got you blue. But if you can plan your trip for May or later, you’ll save big bucks. That’s because airfare and hotel rates drop dramatically when it’s no longer cold in North America, since fewer people are flocking to the Caribbean for its endless warmth.

Cut back on hotel stays

If you don’t mind a shorter vacation, you’ll find lower prices while you hunt for all-inclusive packages. Try to keep it to three or four nights and you’ll see hundreds shaved off the bottom line.

Shop the deals at

As it’s one of the Caribbean’s most popular vacation destinations, we’re updating our site all the time with new deals to Jamaica — some short, some long, some all-inclusive, some not. Find your perfect vacation in our lists of Jamaica deals.

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