All-Inclusive Trips to St. Thomas: What to Know, When to Go

Get the lowdown on all-inclusive beach vacations in the U.S. Virgin Islands

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Posted on: July 28, 2017

All meals and drinks, plus activities, amenities and access to beautiful beaches. What’s not to love about the all-inclusive experience? Run off to the U.S Virgin Islands and we guarantee you won’t find much to complain about. Not sure where to start on snagging your dream island getaway? Read on for our primer on all-inclusive trips to St. Thomas.

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U.S. citizens don’t need a passport

Forgot to renew or update your passport, or simply never got around to getting one at all? If you’re an American citizen, you won’t even need it. The U.S. Virgin Islands are a territory of the United States, hence the “U.S.” in their name. Even more convenient, the currency is the American dollar, and English is the official language.

The best deals are available in the low season

Every Caribbean destination gets a tourism boost from December through April, since this is time that North Americans want to escape from subzero temperatures and unceasing gray skies. But in summer and fall? Most of those beach lovers are home enjoying the milder weather up north. That means huge discounts for travelers saving their Caribbean beach vacations for the off season.

Room rates in tropical beach destinations drop in the summer, and take an even bigger plunge in September and October, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are no exception. Consider taking your all-inclusive trip to St. Thomas in the low season to save money and to have a little more space to yourself.

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You’ll have a handful of resorts to choose from

Though there’s a variety of property types at your disposal — resorts, inns, condos and boutique hotels — you will have limited options for resorts that include all your meals and drinks in the nightly rate. Three solid options are the Bilongo Bay Beach Resort, the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Beach Resort and the Sugar Bay Resort & Spa. All three are fairly close to (but not within) Charlotte Amalie, the island’s biggest town and cruise ship port. CheapCaribbean has a small selection of all-inclusive St. Thomas trips — see them now.

You can also check out the list of packages to St. Thomas offered at (note that all-inclusive resorts are marked on the top left of the accompanying photo).

St Thomas All Inclusive Vacations

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