How to Find Cheap All-Inclusive Playa del Carmen Getaways

Spend your vacation in quirky, laid-back Playa del Carmen — without spending too much money

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If you've got your eye on Playa del Carmen as your next beach getaway, we can assure you that you'll be charmed and surprised by the experience that awaits you there. And in terms of package deals, you should have no problem finding some all-inclusive Playa del Carmen getaways you can afford. Follow our advice below to save the most money possible.

Go just before high season starts

Let us let you in on a little secret the hotels and airlines wish we didn't know: planning your trip for October or November will save you significantly. That's because the high season doesn't officially start in Mexico until December, though the weather in North America in late fall will be chilly enough to make you desperate for warm temperatures. Look at summer dates, too, to ensure you have a nice range of choices for cheaper all-inclusive packages.

Keep it short and sweet

Three-night all-inclusive vacations will always be the most affordable. And while we know it's not much time for a relaxing escape, rest assured that you can easily lounge on the beach, have poolside cocktails and roam the colorful streets of Playa del Carmen in this short period.

Ditch the luxe options

Playa del Carmen is known as a modest, fun-loving destination, and isn't necessarily high on the list of luxe vacation spots. Look for vacations with stays at mid-range all-inclusive resorts like the 3-star Riu Lupita, which offers direct beach access, four restaurants and two pools. Considering more affordable resorts will open up your chances of finding a good mix of cheap all-inclusive vacation packages.

Shop deals with

Playa del Carmen has been on our radar for a long time. We know beach lovers want to see their options for vacations there, so we pack our list with affordable all-inclusive packages to this destination. Shop current deals on our site and find cheap all-inclusive Playa del Carmen getaways, or sign up for fare-alerts and get flight deals right in your inbox.

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