Caribbean Beaches: 5 Videos by Real Travelers

Savvy beach-lovers share their best vacation moments on some of the most stunning Caribbean islands

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Choosing which gorgeous, white-sand Caribbean beach to visit on your next vacation can be a very hard task.

But thanks to these camera-toting travelers, who bring us their adventures in tropical paradises such as Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and the Cayman Islands, you can get a taste of these islands before you commit to a trip.

Enjoy this YouTube roundup from a few hot, sandy places that should definitely be on any beach-lover's bucket list.

1. St. Kitts, St. Martin, St. Lucia, St. John

Are you one of those snobbish types who think a Caribbean cruise would be tacky and boring? After seeing this video by The Film Poets, you might change your mind.

Watch as this beach explorer and his family embark on thrilling multi-island adventure, complete with plenty of stunning beach scenes, engrossing land excursions, and super-enviable aquatic exploration in the brightest, most pristine turquoise waters you've ever laid eyes on.

If this video's quality has you aching with jealousy and wondering why your own vacation videos never turn out like that, you'll be relieved to know it was produced by a professional filmmaker using (obviously) professional-grade equipment.

And while the average Joe Shmoe probably wouldn't be able to pull off a video that amazing, a heavenly multi-island cruise similar to what you see actually is within reach for most beach enthusiasts. Check out our hottest cruise deals and see what islands you can hit up on your next vacation.

2. Dominican Republic

Few who visit Isla Saona in the Dominican Republic can resist the urge to gush about its tranquility and natural allure.

With this video, lucky viewers get to watch Escape Traveler explore the seductive tropical island, which lies just off the mainland on the southeast part of the island, between the popular beach towns of Punta Cana and La Romana.

The video brings viewers along on a trip to the settlement of Mano Juan to visit a turtle nursery, a local school, and then a hidden beach called Canto de la Playa. Shimmering blue waters, healthy green palms and clean, white sand abound.

Lucky for those in need of a little special beach time, the Dominican Republic is one of the most affordable Caribbean islands to visit. Browse our travel deals to this fascinating island.

3. Jamaica

It seems we all want to think of Jamaica as a laid-back mecca of relaxation – a beach paradise that imparts a lazy haziness on all who venture there. This video, a stunning collection of island life snippets by biskybee, helps propel that image.

Sit back and soak in the high-definition clips of the typical Jamaican day at the beach, which shows vendors preparing food, tourists sauntering on the shores and locals hanging out – not to mention those incredible sunset scenes. Make sure you have the sound up for this one. The reggae soundtrack adds a nice touch.

This first-hand account will have you itching to explore the island in person - take a look at our Jamaica flight, package and hotel deals.

4.The British Virgin Islands

If you have the unending urge to jump, splash and swim in the Caribbean's irresistible waters, this video by Wes Pickens is for you.

Featuring four couples who ventured together into the paradise known as the British Virgin Islands, this visually appealing account starts off calmly, but suddenly launches into a fun-filled montage of water-borne shenanigans, from exploring the rocky monoliths at Baths at Virgin Gorda to giddy stand-up paddle-boarding sessions and snorkeling galore.

If you're not roused by this ultimate display of letting loose, you might want to check your pulse.

5. Cayman Islands

Not one to show off just the fabulous beach scenery, Miles M brings viewers an authentic glimpse of his one-week Cayman Islands journey, starting from the moment he boards the plane.

Ride along with this savvy traveler to view high-end neighborhoods, to tour tourist hotspots, and to spend quality time with friends in gorgeous surroundings.

When Miles takes the camera underwater with him, things start to get really interesting. Watch as he befriends a few curious stingrays and a camera-shy pufferfish.

It all looks so easy and free and natural – but then again, that's the island lifestyle, isn't it?


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