Hopkins Village Beach




Belize Beauty

Belize’s beaches are always about more than just sandy stretches lined with palm trees. In the small farming and fishing community of Hopkins Village, local culture is alive and well, and residents are more than happy to welcome tourists to their own personal paradise.

This town happens to be a hotspot for Garifuna culture, which draws its traditions from Western and Central Africa. Forget the mega resorts and hotel chains. Come here to enjoy an authentic Belize beach town and all the surrounding natural resources and ecotourism draws.

Get a Taste

Speaking of authentic, you’ve got to visit Tina’s Kitchen to try local dishes like darasa, banana tamales blended with coconut cream, and hudut, a soup made from fish, coconut milk and spices, served with a side of mashed plantains. Also be sure to sample the local beer, Belikin, which you can get from a number of small bars in town.

Hopkins Village Beach is a low-key destination, but those with active tendencies will not be disappointed — there’s a ton to do in the water and on land. Book a day trip for hiking in a local park, or swim in secluded waterfalls. Local fisherman can take you out to the best snorkeling spots, or you can sign up for a diving excursion to Glover’s Reef, located on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef.


Getting around in Hopkins Village can be a bit of an adventure. Ditch the car and rent a bike so you can get better views of the candy-colored dwellings in town, or just go it on foot. Otherwise, you can rent a motorbike and zip around the town freely.

You can get to Hopkins Village Beach by taxi, but it won’t be cheap. Many visitors opt for the local bus service from the nearby town of Dangriga; it departs in the morning and evening.

Hopkins Village Beach at a Glance

City:Hopkins Village

Country or State:Belize

Access:By car, by bus, by taxi

Best time to visit:Nov. to April (dry season)

High Season:Nov. to April

Low Season:May to October


  • Bicycle and motorbike rental
  • A few restaurants and bars in Hopkins Village

Beach Type:

  • Golden sand
  • Saltwater
  • Secluded