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Flight Deals to St Martin

$869+ Oct 4 – Oct 8 LGA – SFG View Deal
$941+ Oct 21 – Oct 27 JFK – SFG View Deal
$992+ Oct 4 – Oct 15 EWR – SFG View Deal
$1041+ Oct 22 – Oct 28 EWR – SFG View Deal
$1060+ Oct 13 – Oct 25 EWR – SFG View Deal
$1083+ Oct 15 – Oct 18 JFK – SFG View Deal
$1501+ Oct 27 – Oct 30 EWR – SFG View Deal
$1508+ Oct 8 – Oct 13 EWR – SFG View Deal
$1514+ Oct 8 – Oct 15 EWR – SFG View Deal
$1520+ Oct 2 – Oct 7 EWR – SFG View Deal
$1529+ Sep 24 – Sep 29 EWR – SFG View Deal
$1594+ Oct 13 – Oct 18 EWR – SFG View Deal

Best Beaches in St Martin

1. Long Bay Beach

Natural and Intimate

As one of the longest stretches of beach on St. Martin, Long Bay (also known as Baie Longue) lives up to its name, and travelers find that it lives up to expectations, too.

This picturesque beach attracts visitors to the French side of the island with its deep blue waters, sunny skies and clean, light sand.

Be on the lookout for celebrities; they can't resist the draw of this paradise, either.

Bring Your Own Beach Essentials

What's great about spending the day at a far-flung beach is having the sun, sand and sound of the waves all to yourself. The not-so-good part: You won't have access to activities, amenities, or restaurants, so you'll need to come prepared.

If you're hoping to swim, choose a place away from the center of the bay, where the rocky shore makes it tough to wade the waters. Snorkeling can be a fun activity, too, but be sure to do so only when the surf is calm.

Getting Here

Though the road near the 5-star Belmond La Samanna Resort (closed until late 2018) on the eastern end of the bay may seem like the easiest access point, you'll need to find the parking lot closer to Bay Rouge. For a bite to eat, head to the cluster of restaurants along Rhine Road near Cupecoy Beach.

Long Bay Beach at a glance

City: Long Bay (Baie Longue)

Country or State: St. Martin

Length of Beach: .5 miles

Access: By taxi, by car

Best time to visit: May to June - low prices, good weather

High Season: December to April

Low Season: May to November


  • No lifeguards
  • No public restrooms

Beach Type:

  • White sand
  • Saltwater
  • Secluded

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