All-Inclusive Caribbean Trips: Trending Hot Spots

Where travelers are taking their all-inclusive Caribbean trips in 2017

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Posted on: January 9, 2017

You want to take an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean, but you’re not sure where exactly to go. We don’t blame you. The Caribbean is full of jaw-droppingly beautiful islands that are home to warm, friendly people and rich, diverse cultures. How do you choose which paradise to visit? One place to start is by checking what’s popular right now. We looked at which destinations are trending on so far in 2017, and selected those with the best all-inclusive options (as not all islands have good selections of all-inclusive resorts). Read on to see our list of trending destinations for all-inclusive Caribbean trips.

1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

All Inclusive Punta Cana Trips
Punta Cana sits prettily at the top of the list of best destinations in the Caribbean, firmly rooted and going nowhere. Sure, the weather is consistently perfect, the beaches incredibly gorgeous and the locals friendly and welcoming – just as you’d expect from in the Dominican Republic. But what makes Punta Cana truly special is the range of all-inclusive options – from quaint, charming boutiques to luxurious, sprawling resorts. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find an all-inclusive that was made just for your trip.

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2. Montego Bay, Jamaica

All Inclusive Jamaica Trips
Be honest — when you hear “Caribbean” you immediately picture Jamaica, don’t you? And why wouldn’t you? Jamaica’s distinct flavor has enchanted travelers the world over. It’s ready to enchant you, too. Particularly in Montego Bay, where all-inclusive resorts compete to give you the most hospitable experience during your beach getaway trip.

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3. St. Lucia

All Inclusive St Lucia Trips
St. Lucia may not have as big a name as the other destinations on this list, but it does have an excellent selection of all-inclusive resorts. But since this is a lesser-known island, there aren’s as many regularly scheduled flights – so finding the perfect arrangement may be trickier. This, along with the variety of “outside the resort” activities and attractions like reef diving, the “Titons” twin peaks, rain forests and a national park, make it a destination for a more adventurous all-inclusive trip.

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4. Cancun, Mexico

All Inclusive Cancun Trips
We know, Mexico is not a Caribbean island. But Cancun, its most famous beach town, IS on the Caribbean Sea – and its beaches can stand toe-to-toe with any Caribbean island beach, on any day of the week. Besides having water so blue you’ll question if your eyes deceive you, Cancun is also brimming with all-inclusive resorts. It also tends to have some of the most affordable options.

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