How to Find All-Inclusive Vacation Packages on a Budget

Getting your dream beach vacation for less is possible — with these expert tips

Theresa Boehl
Theresa Boehl
Posted on: August 17, 2017

Finding an all-inclusive vacation package on a tight budget may sound like a pipe dream, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not impossible. As our guide below will reveal, all it takes is some flexibility and planning, plus a bit of time to shop and compare.

Here are our expert tips for finding the perfect beach vacation that gives you more and costs you less.

Go in the summer or fall months

This one is huge: If you want to find an affordable all-inclusive vacation package, don’t even think about going between December and April. That’s when competition for rooms and flights is most intense (it’s the middle of winter up north, after all), so fares and rates naturally balloon to unbelievable proportions. If you plan for summer dates, or even better, fall dates, you’ll be shocked at how much less your vacation will cost.

Stay on the beaten path

Most major airlines service high-traffic tourist spots like Cancun, Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Not only do these areas have the best selection of all-inclusive resorts, they’ll also be cheaper to fly to and from, with more nonstop flight options available.

Stick to these destinations if you’re trying to find that rare super-cheap all-inclusive vacation package, no matter how drawn you are to lesser-known tropical paradises like St. Barts, the British Virgin Islands or Anguilla.

Stick with 3-night escapes

This is common sense, but the less time you spend at an all-inclusive resort, the less it will cost you. Consider shaving a day off of your vacation and just going for three whirlwind nights. Even better, plan your trip during the week, so you can avoid higher weekend hotel rates and higher airfares.

all inclusive vacation packages with airfare under 500

Search and compare top sites

Can’t wait to see what affordable packages are out there? Shop vacation package deals now and see all the vacation package choices we’ve rounded up from the best-known booking sites. Be sure to follow our tips above (plan for the fall, keep it to three weekdays) to find a broader range of budget all-inclusive vacation packages.

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